First post in forever!

So yep, it is.

A lot’s happened in the world of Jimbobbin over the past year or two. I had the pleasure of working with the lovely folks at Mind Candy in Shoreditch and Brighton for 18 months which was a fantastic experience and a very valuable one. I made some genuine friends there, many of which I keep in touch with since leaving in August to kick start Jimbobbin as a going concern.

Shortly after that I discovered I had trapped a nerve in my elbow which affected my drawing hand and was a major blow to any freelance work plans that I had. And so here we are now, a little rusty but getting better and feeling able to create stuff again. To celebrate I’ve resurrected an old piece, another folky character in the shape of Jack Frost. It is getting bloody cold after all…


Jack Frost


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  1. Johnny Tea says:

    Great to see!!! Love that chilly little frozen guy!

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