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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Here are some scans from my sketchbooks.

These pages are pretty typical of what I fill my books with, trying out different pens, sticking stuff  in etc. For me, sketchbooks are a dumping ground for quick, rough ideas and I try never to get too precious about what goes into them.

More often than not I’ll just quickly doodle a lot of ideas down and end up doing nothing with 90% of what I draw. Amidst the chaos though, there’ll occasionally be one or two characters that I like the look of; the shape of a head here, a nose there, and oh those feet look cool…

Whilst it’s a different approach from other artists who fill their books with beautifully finished pieces, it works for me – partly because I’ve had the idea of rapid iteration and quick idea generation drummed into me through various jobs. I also find it quite liberating to just scribble down stream of consciousness stuff!

If you get the seed of an idea down you can always work it up later.